Vscode Like Live Server for Terminal

Vscode Like Live Server for Terminal

How to install and use live server for neovim/vim or other code editor for website develoment.

What is Live Server?

Live Server lets the user to see the real time changes done in .html files in a browser.

Live Server in VS Code

In Visual Studio Code, there's a plugin 'Live Server' which let's the user host a local live server to see the changes in there html project.


live-server is an npm package which basically sets up a live server.


Must have node & npm installed.


Run the following command in the terminal.

$ npm i -g live-server


You can use live-server for a specific html file like this:

$ live-server file.html

or on an entire directory

$ live-server directory/

or cd into the directory and use

$ live-server .