My First Blog

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My First Blog

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The title of this page, as cliché as it may sound is true and with a lot of self persuasion I'm continuing to write. As this is the beginning of a new journey I would like to make this one about who I am, what are my expections and goals with this particular blog and what structure or kind of content would I be writing so let's start with my basic introduction:

About me

I am Chaitanya Shahare, currently a sophomore at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, India. I have varied interests and I intend to pursue at least a few if not more. I'm a musician, fitness aficionado, productivity enthusiast and a fellow nerd. I've recently started my coding journey, and want to document it so I can track my progress along the way and find a source of motivation in it for when things get difficult.

About this blog

In this blog, I will be sharing everything I learn about coding, computer science in general. It can be anything like how to do something or a clever code snippet or my opinions throughout my coding journey. I hope this blog helps at least one person and that will give me a sense of satisfaction besides what better way to learn than to share the knowledge.